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So as some of you might know, tomorrow we start shoot on a new short film titled “Echoes in the Night”. It’s a film that’s been in development for over a year, and it’s great to finally see it come together. The script has changed quite a bit since I first had the vision of the two paramedics inside an ambulance, but since the early stages of story development I always saw Conor Gomez taking on the lead role. It’ll be great getting the chance to work with Kial Natale again, as we’ve been working together since our early days as First Years at Simon Fraser University.

Altough we are working with a much smaller crew this time, I think it will be beneficial to the efficiency of our shoot. I don’t anticipate having to do too many camera set-ups as most of the film takes place within the ambulance. It will be neat though rigging the camera up to the ambulance and getting those moving shots.

I’ll continue to post on here about the film as we move into production. This will be somewhat a production diary I guess for the movie! Here’s to hoping everything goes well tomorrow!