UBC Drama Project and some…

By February 11, 2011 Photography, Videography No Comments

Hey guys,

What a busy couple weeks it has been! I’ve been working non stop on a bunch of different projects over the past few weeks. This past weekend I had an opportunity to work with some fine fellas at UBC on a short film they did which was to be a teaser for their live action play in April. Below are some stills and behind the scenes photos. It was great as I was able to test out some of the new gear I got over the holidays. I was able to use the new 5 inch Marshall Monitor to check focus and to frame shots. It is a great tool, and now I don’t leave home without it. My only complaint is that the battery life isn’t very good on it. The monitor uses 4 AA batteries, On the shoot, I used my rechargeable Eneloops and it only lasted about two hours. The Marshall is a big improvement from the other monitors I’ve used in the past.

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