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A couple weeks ago, I was contracted to shoot a short video for Garaventa Lifts in Surrey by the Surrey Board of Trade. This was the first official video that I shot professionally with my Canon DSLR, the 7D. Although I had experimented with it quite a bit, pushing it to it’s boundaries, I had not put it in a professional environment yet.

The camera performed with excellence. It was great, the image was beautiful, and being able to shoot with just natural light was such a plus. The 7D will be my A-Camera from now on, as it is so easy to move this camera around, and it just delivers such beautiful pictures.

I was very happy to see the Board of Trade so happy with the image quality of the Canon 7D, and right away when I got home, I ordered the new Zacuto V2 Z-Finder, after much research. I tried really quickly, the Hoodman loupe with the magnifier adaper on the eyepeice, but quickly saw that only the centre of the image was sharp, as the edges seemed a little bit blurry. Although the hoodman would’ve only cost me $200 for everything, I decided to order the Zacuto for $400 simply because of their lifetime warranty and the good reviews. I should be getting it in the mail pretty soon, and will be posting up pictures and giving an in-depth review of it. These viewfinders though I believe, are an absolutely must if you are DSLR shooting, especially when you are shooting handheld, as it is very hard to hold the camera stable.

If you are interested in getting a viewfinder, Letus has just recently come out with a new one, known as the “Letus Hawk”. It seems like a pretty sweet design, and I might have given this a try if I had known about it before the ordered the Zacuto. I like how the body is constructed of carbon fibre. It must be very lightweight. Check out the link for the “Hawk” here.

My eye is on the Target shooter next, but first, let’s see how well this Z-Finder works.

More information about Zacuto and it’s products can be found here.

Letus Hawk Carbon Fibre Viewfinder

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