My New Zacuto Z-Finder! The Review!

By July 7, 2010 Videography No Comments

Hey guys,

I ordered a Zacuto Z-Finder more than a month ago, and it finally came during the first couple weeks of June. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been pretty busy with jobs and such, but had the chance to test it out on a couple shoots. I ordered the 2.5X version, as I had heard the 3X magnification was at times too much. The 2.5X is perfect. I had taken a look through the Hoodman Loupe with the 3X magnification a while back, but thought that the edges of the picture on that was not very sharp. The Z-Finder is completely the opposite. The image while looking through the viewfinder is sharp from edge to edge. It is amazing, and makes focusing so much easier. It also makes the camera much more stable.

I had heard reports of the Z-Finder being very hard to snap on and off, but after the first couple times, it seems to snap on and off fairly easily. It is definately very solid, and it is built very solidly. For $400 though, it would’ve been nice for them to include a case for the Finder, as I am still worried about the inside getting dusty.

Other than that, the Z-Finder is something that is definately needed for DSLR videography. I don’t leave home without it anymore. The only thing though is it does add weight to the camera, shooting with the Tokina 11-16mm and the viewfinder, the camera does get a bit heavy after a while.

I’ve got a couple gigs coming up soon which I’ll definately be using the Z-Finder, and going into more detail about my experience with it! Stay tuned.