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As some of you guys might know, I received my Major in Film Production from SFU back in 2010. Story telling has been a major passion of mine ever since I was a child. I believe that everyone on this earth has a story to tell, and it fascinates me because every story is different. Stories are what creates us, and like fingerprints are unique to our identity. Life itself is a story, and each person tells it differently through their different experiences. There are moments in our lives that influence us, change us, and inspire us. Our lives are made up of these collective moments, and it’s these moments that define us. It’s these stories that I want to capture.

I’ve been lucky enough over the past year to meet some really interesting people. I’ve shot over 100 interviews, and have been collecting stories from our past, present, and future although not too sure what to do with it yet. It’s amazing just some of the things that people have lived through, and to hear some of their experiences. I recently met a man who just turned 90 years old, he has lived almost 4 times my life. I’m hoping to release some of these interviews soon, but it’s such an inspiration to me to hear their stories.

I’m posting some of the photos from the event I shot back on Remembrance Day this past November. And a short video of Reginald Wise talking about “Comradeship” and landing in Yugoslavia during World War II.