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A lot of updates that I have been so behind on! Glen Chua Media has upgraded all its equipment, we are now shooting with a variety of DSLR’s and the new Sony FS700. I’ve shot the past couple events with this amazing camera, and so far I love shooting at 240 fps. The one thing I’m starting to dislike about the camera though is the way you have to hold it. The camera is not exactly the most comfortable thing to hold, it’s shape is all boxy, and the LCD screen is in a very awkward spot. It’s not terrible, as I’m learning to adapt to it, but its definitely not easy shooting handheld with this camera. Not like shooting with a DSLR or even my old Canon GL2 for that sake. I’m attaching some links to some of the test videos we shot in Las Vegas this past August. This was before I figured out how to set the frame rate properly without the flicker when shooting slow motion. I most recently shot the Surrey World Music Marathon, and got some amazing slow motion finishes. I’ll be posting those on here soon for you all to check out!