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Happy New Year! I still cannot believe how fast 2012 has passed. This year has flown by way too quickly. 2012 was an exciting year for Glen Chua Media, we updated a lot of our gear and shot some very interesting projects including the Sophie’s Place PSA back in August. Christmas did come early for me this year, as the Canon 5D Mark III I ordered came just a few days before the big day. I have been shooting with the Canon 7D for years now, and wanted to upgrade to full frame. This Christmas season seemed to pass way too quickly.

My friend Tom and I headed out to White Rock one late and cold night to take some photos of the pier. White Rock is usually very busy in the Summer time, but during the Winter, especially at night, the beach is completely dead. What’s unique about White Rock is that it’s a small coast city, with boutique shops lining the beach front. There’s just something so eerie about it at night that I love. I’ve posted some of the photos I took that night here, all taken with my new Canon 5D Mark III. I absolutely love this camera. Although I do miss the quickness of my 7D, the focusing points and low light capabilities of the 5D Mark III just blow me away. Although not significant, I do love the silent shutter on the 5D MKIII, it’s just so stealthy.