Echoes in the Night Production

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So we finally finished the first part of production on “Echoes in the Night” at the beginning of this month. It was definitely an interesting experience for me. I’ve been shooting a lot of documentary style shorts, and being able to have the time to set up lights and rehearse with actors was great. This film was really different from any of the other films I had done before, I had the opportunity to work with some great new people such as Devon Baker who was our make-up artist and David Hechenberger who did all our sound. Both of them were awesome and a lot of fun to work with. We shot a lot of the film inside an ambulance and had the camera rigged up to the side of the ambulance door. The mount I received from PS Production services held up surprisingly very well. We also had the opportunity to shoot with the Canon C300, which has become one of my favorite cameras to use. I had seen the C300 at NAB last year, and had always wanted to test its low light capabilities. The c300 is definitely the king of low light cameras. The way the grain looks in low light, makes it look like film. The picture is amazing, and usable even at ISO 4000. I found that with my Sony FS700, the picture begins to fall apart when you start hitting the high Gain levels, and the image starts to become murky with artifacts. With the C300, the image is still sharp and the grain is a lot smoother. Really an amazing camera. I’m interested to test out the C500.

Anyways, so our film now enters the long stage of editing. I’ve attached some stills from our shoot below. These were shot with the Canon 5D Mark III. Again, another awesome camera, but for stills.



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